What is next?

Holy shit. I guess it’s been about a year since I’ve put my fingers to this keyboard and so so much has happened. I live in Alma, Colorado now a little town at 10,600ft. I live with my girlfriend Danielle and our two dogs Echo and Lily. I’m currently working at Aurum Breckenridge a pretty damn good restaurant in the epic ski town. Moutain life, it is safe to say is for me.

But more than mountain life I’m also discovering life a new if you will. During my first week living in the hills, I went out for a bike ride with a crew at RMU. a bar/ culture hotspot in Breck. Halfway home the rider in front of me went down breaking his collar bone.

I’ve volunteered with search and rescue in Park County where I live and so far just trained with the team only a dozen or so times.

Today I saw someone I happened to know, have a severe wreck while snowboarding.

What do all these things have in common? They point me in a general direction. Medicine has been a thought for a long time. And after just a year of working in clinics and hospitals as an aide and a tech I knew it could be my forever gig. I just had to find a way to make it sustainable.

I’ve found a way. It is going to be a long road. there is more school, long hours, long nights, and hard times ahead but to say the least, I’m stoked to chase it.

Until next time.

Published by kjameshansen

Living life however it looks. I've got one eye and more ideas than I know what to do with. I'm currently living in Boulder, Colorado between adventures, but still managing to have more than the average bear.

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