Just kidding

Just kidding my day didn’t change at all after the before mentioned point. In fact the only thing that changed is I kept hiking, got tired, ate a snack, finished my hike and went back to the car. but that is not the point of my little story. In almost every outdoor magazine at least a few times a year, you’ll see a story start out the way mine did. When everything’s going just fine. And then, out of nowhere disaster strikes.  But in my world, in the backcountry, most of the time disasters are the anomaly and it is in fact human error that leads to the majority of backcountry rescues.

In my particular story, a simple hike, there were several things that were done in such a way that if any disaster had struck my misfortune would have been compounded creating a far worse situation than if I had been adequately prepared. Now this is not a how to. Nor am I going to elaborate on the mistakes that I made the other day. It’s just that I find it rather interesting that even with all the stories that I’ve heard, the training that I have, and the misfortunes that have befallen me that I still make poor decisions. T Solitude, wilderness, flora and fauna, or any other of the countless draws the backcountry has on us are all great reasons to go and to chase beauty and adventure. But in learning to chase we must learn to control risk. And I’m learning that it’s not as cut and dry as I thought it was.

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Living life however it looks. I've got one eye and more ideas than I know what to do with. I'm currently living in Boulder, Colorado between adventures, but still managing to have more than the average bear.

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